A Poor Small Nobody

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I don’t really like to write about personal “stuff”, but I will make an exception today and besides, as the saying goes, rules are meant to be broken. Right?

Anyways, a set of people, more like a set of people from a movie got me thinking. I know right, am a visual person, I learn a lot from videos and movies things that would naturally take me eons to learn any other way. So they got me into this reality check up, I needed to face the truth squarely in the face anyway.

I realised that I am a small, poor nobody.

Now, I am not saying this to get pity from anyone, including myself, and am not running high on negative emotions. This was purely an objective analysis of myself and the odds stacked against me.

I got into this EBook I downloaded couple days back and it had a lot of these objective analyses inside it but for business ideas. One is the famous SWOT analysis, S for Strengths, W for Weaknesses, O for opportunities and T for Threats. So I did one for myself, beginning with my weaknesses because I had already done something on my strengths.

I am indeed small in stature, poor by my records and last I checked, still a nobody but with big dreams to be wealthy, scratch that, stupidly wealthy and well, somebody someday. I know I sound like Joseph the dreamer and you are wondering where this is all headed right? Well, it is not all about me as I have king Saul with me on this boat so bear with me, please.

This was objective for me because I realised I would need a lot of work to get to where I want to be in life and not just that, I would also need some powers too, not mystical, just some help from God who happens to be my Strength. And I am on it, the working hard part, but things seem to be going slow for now so am making good use of this time to learn.

Back to king Saul, the good book rightly says in Proverbs 15:33 that “before honour is humility”. This analysis is also objective because it made me realise that I can’t ever forget where God picked me up from especially when He gets me up there. That was Saul’s mistake. Here is what Samuel told Saul, I will recap with just this line, “and Samuel said, When thou wast little in thine own sight, wast thou not made the head of the tribes of Israel, and the LORD anointed thee king over Israel?”

I guess Saul forgot where he had been picked up from and messed up at the top. I don’t want to make such a mistake, abi*(for my Nigerian readers) that is why we read bible stories, so we don’t fall a victim to the same mistakes reported therein.

It’s not easy to look yourself in the face and admit that you aren’t where you would really want to be and especially as the years go by and well, your dreams still remain just dreams and nothing more. I don’t want you giving up on them, in fact, allow yourself to be called Joseph the dreamer. After all Abraham became the father of all nations at one hundred (100) years of age. Keep doing your best, give it all it takes, work as hard as you can and when your cloud is full, God Himself will send the rain of success on you like a storm. Treat this period when you haven’t got it all yet as your season of humility before honour. God is humbling you for where He alone can take you to just like He did for Joseph.

Nothing in life is easy, not even this waiting till it happens that I advise but then, what else can you do? Be bitter, depressed, sad and unsure of yourself or be confident that you are doing all you can, really doing your best and one day, success too will come searching for you? I took the latter option and hope you do too because I don’t like my readers depressed with all the sunshine around.

So keep doing your best and keep being a believer, you too can and will live your dreams someday not too far away.

Have yourself a very lovely week and do look out for emergency posts in between the week. It is meant to check up on you to make sure you haven’t become sad and depressed along the way.




*Abi is a Nigerian jargon used for affirmation.



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