The word is “obsolete”. At the speed we are going, I feel like we will soon crash and burn but God forbid!

Well, I was privileged to travel to the largest city in Africa – Lagos – over the weekend for an interview and the word that was on my mind all through the journey was “obsolete”. The company I visited had lots of software including Autocad 2018. Question: Why do we have a 2018 version of a software when we haven’t physically entered into 2018? I know other companies are also guilty of this but I will refrain from mentioning any names. Continue reading “Obsolete”

A Medley

The men of this world have their portion in this life. God gives them the treasure of wealth and gives them children. They die and leave their wealth to their children, in that they are satisfied. But the satisfaction of the righteous lies in beholding the face of God in righteousness, awaking in the next life in His likeness. Continue reading “A Medley”

A Friend

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We all use this statement, “What are friends for?” But then, how many quality friendships can we boast of?

I believe friendships are very important in life, a type of support system. I have some friends who make it easier for me during tough times and when they need me, I also make myself available. Are we friends forever? Lol, you might need to ask your friends about that. Continue reading “A Friend”

Have had enough of this!

have had enough of this
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I feel miserable today and in fact I really don’t know how to describe what am feeling right now. Maybe it has to do with my anxieties over decisions that I have to make soon. But why would I be this bothered?

I think the real problem is that someone is consistently troubling me, testing my patience knowing I really hate fighting, not for anything.

It’s really beginning to get on my nerves. I need peace, I love peace and I want peace around me more than anything else and I hate that am losing it to this very annoying person. Continue reading “Have had enough of this!”