Self-Confidence is not of God

self-confidence-001.jpgSelf-confidence? Not of God? Yes, I am of the view that self-confidence is not of God and with the following points of mine. Before that, I want to joyously welcome you again into the month of December! December is that month that carries a lot of mixed feelings. Some are grateful for a successful year while others are wondering what happened to all their goals. Some are gearing up for 2018 with new goals and more determination while others are wondering what the difference would be in order to achieve any goals next year. Well, it’s up to you but if I were you, I would choose to be grateful.

In today’s world, self-confidence has become a must-have trait or quality to be successful. Let me introduce myself, “my name is Bassey Etim and I am blah blah blah and also very self-confident”. I recently used that in an application, LOL. After I took a closer look at that statement, I realized how wrong I was and please let me explain myself. Continue reading “Self-Confidence is not of God”