A Message to the Devil

message to the devil-002Satan, I write to let you know that I no longer worry about the works of your hands, the havoc you wreak in the lives of men both day and night. I know that you will deceive and keep on deceiving men from God and from their Saviour Jesus Christ. I know that you will place the burden of sins of all kinds on their very tender backs and cause their bewildered hearts to cry for help. I know that these are your works and more but like I said earlier, I am no longer worried about all these things.

I feel privileged of God to share a testimony which a young man shared with his own mouth in my very ears some days ago which prompted this message to you. You see, he was raised in a good home and with good parents but you found him in school. From pornography to masturbation to drugs of all kinds to sleeping with all manner of prostitutes to cultism and then even occultism, you name them since you should be more aware of this than I. But then Jesus happened to him and in one day and even less, all that you did in years was turned around. Today he is alive, saved and sound and on fire for God even wining the souls of former cultists like himself to Christ.

I write to inform you that many more of these kinds of stories abound including mine and so I no longer worry about all the terrible things that you will do to men before the get to Christ because I know that when they get to Him and He to them, it won’t take those same number of years of suffering and bearing of heavy burdens of sin for Christ to save them and change them!

So am glad and I say to you, do your worst!

An adage of ours says, nine (9) days are for the thief which you are and not only are you a thief but a liar and a destroyer but one (1) day is for the owner of the house which is God and our Saviour Jesus Christ. They will save the temples of God which we are that you are destroying and you shall be forced out with no place for you to ever return to. Selah

And with this I bid thee farewell. And as many as are currently under your influence, I say to you in the Name that is above every other name, the Name of Jesus, that they shall all be saved!!! Amen!


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