Promoting “Pride”

pride“Pride” is not your typical book and for obvious reasons – nobody wants to be associated with a phenomenon as negtive as pride. But just yesterday I overhead roughly a 30 minutes conversation which was to address and confront someone everyone considered proud. Before this ostentatious meeting have been several other comments to the said individual but she kept saying she isn’t proud, just bold.

When you don’t know what pride is that usually happens and it leads to friction in relationships. There is this seeming confusion when it comes to pride with friends or even with ourselves especially. A friend who read the book on Okadabooks where I recently made it free for a while made me realize I wasn’t doing enough on the book’s publicity and benefit seeing we assume a lot of pride to different people and for different reasons. Families, friendships and relationships suffer today because of pride and because of the lack of information surrounding pride.

I hope you take this opportunity to download and read and get acquainted and knowledgeable on pride. The download is for free for now and only on Okadabooks. Sale of the hard copy is on Amazon if you prefer to hold the book in your hands and to smell it. LOL. For Okadabooks, all you need do is sign up for free and then download and read online. I am looking forward to your comments and reviews in the comments section on Okadabooks and Amazon.

You have my earnest appreciation and love! Enjoy your week!




12 thoughts on “Promoting “Pride”

      1. Indeed Mr. Peter! I too have been taken by the love and support the blogosphere provides. The friendships and comradeship. Am happy I met you in this our big and happy family!


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