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OK, maybe I should give a disclaimer seeing am not yet a parent but I have been reading and searching the scriptures on parenthood in my bid to be prepared for my children because I see parenthood as a God-given task and responsibility, one for which we will render accounts to God on how we trained them. Psalms 127:3, “Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD:  and the fruit of the womb is his reward”. Also, I don’t want them to suffer from my ignorance and/or carelessness and by God’s grace I don’t want them repeating my mistakes and I repeating that of my own parents if any. So, put on your seat belts ladies and gentlemen. LOL

This one is to every parent, even soon-to-be parents and future parents and we have a scriptural family as our case study for today, the family of Mr. & Mrs. Isaac. What went wrong in Isaac’s and Rebekah’s home, father of the twin Esau and Jacob? Some mistakes to avoid and to take note of as parents. I will share just two (2) today.

The first one I noticed was that each parent loved the one child more than the other. Rebekah loved Jacob while Isaac loved Esau. Why? Isaac loved Esau because Esau was a cunning hunter, a man of the field and Isaac “loved to eat of his venison (the meat of a deer)” – Genesis 25:27-28. And Rebekah loved her younger son Jacob. First mistake to avoid in parenting is this, loving any one of your children above the other(s) for one reason or the other. If the one unloved notices this, chances are you are building a divided home. This is really serious as we later see that Esau threatened to kill Jacob which made Jacob to leave home and travel to Haran to stay with Rebekah’s brother, Laban his uncle. Rebekah because of her love for Jacob pushed Jacob to get or “steal” the blessing which she heard from Isaac was to be given to Esau even to the point of declaring that if Isaac discovered their plans and cursed Jacob the curse would be on her Rebekah and not Jacob and so Jacob obeyed her and did as she said. Here are my thoughts, why didn’t she ask Isaac to bless both of them after all Jacob blessed all his twelve (12) children? Isaac on the other hand, when it was time for him to bless his children only called Esau whom he loved and did eat of his venison. Some say things played out this way because Esau had already sold his birthright to Jacob. OK, even if we say that’s true, it still doesn’t justify Rebekah’s or Isaac’s actions from my point of view as parents. Genesis 28:8 yet again reinforces the issue of division in the home. Esau married from the Hittites and scripture records that his wives “were a grief of mind to Isaac and Rebekah” (Genesis 26:35) yet when Esau decided to do something about it scripture shows he only considered his father’s grief as a reason to marry elsewhere. Genesis 28:8, “And Esau seeing that the daughters of Canaan pleased not Isaac his father”. Didn’t he see that they were also a grief to Rebekah who had even complained again in Genesis 27:46 to Isaac that she was weary of her life because of the wives of Esau?

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Another thing I learnt from this home was the way they just “reacted” to Esau’s marital choices instead of being “proactive” like Abraham who had put things in place for Isaac to marry from among his own people by sending his servant to go get someone for his son among his own people so that Isaac won’t marry from the land of Canaan. Rebekah and Isaac only reacted to this mistake of Esau and sought to correct it with Jacob by furthering him along in his flight to Laban so he could marry from his own people. So how do we become proactive about the choices our children will make in life from as little as the courses they will choose to read in school to most importantly their choice to receive Christ and salvation or even their marital choices and just about any choice there is to make in life? My answer is prayers. Yes, apart from physical intervention like Abraham did and also by deliberately teaching and showing them by our lives the way to go, prayers for our children even from the womb and for every day of their lives like Job did every time for his children “lest they sinned against God”- Job 1:5 is very necessary and important. Scriptures says this Job did “continually” for all his children “to the number of them all”. Job paid much attention to their relationship with God as this can be really disturbing for Christian parents. Imagine how Isaac and Rebekah felt knowing Esau was marrying from a people God had asked them not to have anything to do with? It can be really depressing.

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Notice also that Job loved all his children equally and that all his seven(7) sons had their own houses and each of them had his own day of feasting and celebration after which Job would pray, sanctify them  and rising up early in the morning would offer sacrifices for each child and for what? Just in case they had sinned against God and cursed Him in their hearts during their feasting.

Job is the parent to emulate and this I have begun to do and I pray you take it up too and I pray God for the grace for us to do so continually as Job did. At this point we are to live just for them and it doesn’t matter how old they are right now neither does it matter how many wrong choices they have already made, just start praying earnestly for all of them. Both yours and those you have adopted in any way. The prayers of a righteous man avails much. I see some fathers already thinking: “well, my wife should read this and do this”. I would also like to remind you that it was Job praying for his children as their father so please both parents have work to do.  I hope my future husband is on point regarding this (LOL).

We will end here for today and hopefully go through other families subsequently.

Best regards and do have a micro blast day! LOL



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