Testimony of Christ

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Happy Easter guys!

This year’s Easter seems to hold tremendous meaning for me especially, not that Easter hasn’t always had meaning just that I appreciated Him more this time around more than I have done in previous years. I hope that as you read my own testimony you will find tangible meaning for this Easter in your life.

On the 29th of March just a day before Good Friday, I was invited to speak at a church seminar for young people tagged “How to Excel in your Academics”. After the service, someone walked up to me and called me “brio”. Now, that name is synonymous with when I hadn’t given my heart to Christ and anyone who calls me by that name must have known me very well back then (LOL) but unfortunately I couldn’t recognize his face. So he explained how he knew me and coincidentally, he was the friend of a boyfriend back then. Immediately he explained this a part of me shrank, I became so ashamed of myself and my past. We spoke and greeted each other and I left.

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Now I know that 2 Corinthians 5:17 says that “therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature:  old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new” but somehow I hadn’t allowed that word to relieve me of my past since the memory is still with me and well, the people that new me then as still alive, LOL.  So the next morning, during my prayer time I began to ask myself why I had difficulty accepting my past as just that and moving on with my life. Then I chose to ask Him for help as the case usually is when I hit a road block and the response I got has resolved that once and for all! He said to me: “the only difference between the person that friend knew then and the person you are today is Me – Christ. When you were living that way you weren’t ashamed of yourself or your actions and you would have continued till date unashamedly if I hadn’t come in”.

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So, I asked myself: why am I ashamed of who I would have continued to be unashamedly till date if Christ hadn’t saved me instead of testifying to the huge difference there is in my life today because He did come into my life? And voila, that devil of shame was lifted and in its place has been an enormous gratitude to God and to His Son Jesus Christ for saving my life from utter and complete damage and disaster that I wouldn’t even have been aware of until He showed me a different life.

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Lord I came to say thank you! Thank you for taking that journey to Calvary for me, thank you for taking on all those stripes for my sake, thank you for accepting to die for me, for laying down your life for me, thank you for accepting the shame of the cross just for me to live. Thank you for loving me even while I was full and drenched in my sins and in utter ignorance. I refuse to take you for granted. I open widely every nook and cranny of my heart to you. Come in and dwell with me as always. Help me not to betray you like Judas. Thank you Lord Jesus, you mean the world to me and I will let the world know that you are my life!

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Happy Easter again! As you take cognizance of Christ’s suffering just for you, I pray that every burden that you have been carrying around be lifted and lifted permanently in Jesus name. Amen.




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