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charis365 Rhema

Hello dear friend, compliments of the day to you. It sure is a B-E-A-Utiful day today, mercies and grace on every side. We have looked at two of the basic components of SQ; knowledge and Attitude, others include behavior(1Tim3:2; Tit 2:3) and relationships(Luk6:31). Today we will identify the five(5) major phases through which a persons Spiritual intelligence develops and could be developed.

stepsThe first of these is the recognition phase. In this phase, a person becomes aware of the existence of their spiritual make-up. They essentially begin to understand the definite existence of their soul and spirit and inadvertently have an understanding of what following Jesus is all about.

The second phase is the reorientation phase. Here, a person begins to see the differences between a life lived without Jesus and a life with Him and therefore develops a desire to develop their relationship with Him more actively…

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