Just Say Yes Or No

It's okay to say NOHmm! That feeling in your stomach when you have to say “NO” but can’t…..

They say your ability to say NO as and when due and necessary is a sign of maturity.

How come it is so hard to look someone in the face and just say “No” then?

You know what? It is time to stand up and get out of all the unnecessary yesss we have become swamped with.

The next time you have to say no, especially if you have the self-sacrificing tendencies of the melancholy temperament, let this mind be in you that was also in Christ Jesus! LOL

Saying “No” when you know that is what you ought to say means you are HONEST and TRUTHFUL! Simple!

However, for some that is just too high a standard to attain. But is it?  Is it really a tall order?

But if you say yes, when you ought to say “No” you will mostly end up disappointing that person and yourself because you were not honest or truthful to yourself and the person.

The Apostle James in James 5:12 says our “yes” should be “yes” and our “no” should be “no”. Anything more or less will put us in trouble!

That is why scripture says in 2 Corinthians 1:18-20 that our God is TRUE and for that reason His word, His promises to us are not yes and no but simply YES and in Him Amen! He is not unsure of His promises to us that His word would be yes and no, but as He has promised so it is in Christ Jesus even so shall it be! So be grateful for all His promises because they are about to manifest in your life!

As you go into this month of June, be reminded of all His promises to you, keep your faith alive and know that it is Yes! And so shall it be for you and your family in Jesus name!

Cheers a Happy new month to you!


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