Am Loved, You Are Loved Perfectly!


In today’s world, true love has become such a scarce commodity you begin to wonder if it ever existed. Besides, what is even true love? When can love be said to be true? Hmm!

I want to be loved and to be confident that am loved. I want to believe you want that too.

I remember when I would go searching, in all the wrong places for love. Haven’t we all done that? Luckily, I would see one I liked and admired even, and then I would give my all and hope this one just might love me back, the way I want to be loved. He or she would love me perfectly and completely.

Hmm…..I always came back sorry, disappointed and heart broken. Disappointed not in the person but in love.

Until I met Him….We met in a funny way…you can read about it here. Yeah, it is funny.

He drew me in with His words of sincerity and sacrifice of love – Jesus, I was hooked.  But sooner than I would have desired, He took a long loving look at me and threw me into the fire!

I cried, I screamed and I hated Him but He remained with me in the fire so I wouldn’t let go. Little did I know that He was burning off my impurities, pruning me, purging me as gold and silver is refined in the fire and for His use. He just wouldn’t let me go no matter how much I begged and pleaded and exploded in anger. He always got me back in the fire until they were burnt off.

He risked my hating Him to show me just how much He could love me.

When He was done with that phase of pruning me, I began to understand and to sincerely listen to Him. I began to listen to what He kept saying – I love you perfectly beyond your imagination.

Then slowly I began to believe it, I fell in love with Him again and this time I became confident in it, my heart exploded with His love and care for me. There was nothing, and I mean nothing good He could withhold from me.

Before I asked, He was already on it. Before I thought about it, it was already arriving. He would even go ahead of me and do things for me and then come back and inform me. He had my whole life before Him and I had given Him the driver’s seat, in full surrender.

Words would fail my completing this love story, but everything in me screams this is TRUE LOVE. It is still in writing and I can only say now that my frantic heart had long since stopped searching because I had found the treasure that my heart desired.  

Someone said, no one can experience His love and not preach about it. That is a true saying!

Today is MY BIRTHDAY and all I came to tell you is that I AM LOVED PERFECTLY and you too can experience it.

Happy birthday to me!

God bless you and do have a lovely new week!

Cheers! Bassey.


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